Image to text, text to image,
and custom prompts,
all in a Snap!

SnapGPT is not just about text recognition - it's also a friendly chatbot assistant! Ask for summaries, advice, or even extract keynotes and shopping lists with ease.
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Chat with your
in a Snap

Tired of typing out long texts from images or documents? Say hello to SnapGPT! With just a snap, our app extracts the text from your images. Plus, our advanced OpenAI GPT-3 technology can answer any questions you have about the text.

That's not all - with our text to image and speech to text capabilities, you can take your productivity to the next level. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket!

Prompts that are more than just a prompt 💬

SnapGPT believes that everyone should have a knowledgeable virtual assistant. Each prompt has a carefully engineered role preprogrammed into the system prompt to ensure that your chatbot takes on a unique and effective character.

Frequently Asked Questions